Chats with Uncle Loh is a book written by Dr Aw Swee Eng. The book answers some questions about the Christian faith. Dr Aw teaches a weekly Bible study at Wesley Methodist Church in Singapore. The book is reproduced on this website with his permission.


We cannot know everything. There is room for the exercise of faith. Faith is not believing without evidence but trusting reasonable evidence without holding back commitment.

This book is dedicated to all who sincerely seek the truth. May they find and trust the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Life and the Truth. (John 14:6)


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the value of an illustrative case should be pretty close. This book is a compilation of the conversations of Uncle Loh and his friends on subjects ranging from anthropology to zen. They illustrate the verbal parry and thrust of people who differ in their theological opinions, with the quiet musing of others who just want to share their thoughts.

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