The purpose of this site is to host:
(1) an online version of the book, Chats with Uncle Loh, and
(2) audio downloads of weekly Bible classes
both by Dr Aw Swee Eng of Wesley Methodist Church in Singapore.

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Chats with Uncle Loh

Chapter 1:  If there is God, who made Him?
Chapter 2:  Why does a good God allow evil?
Chapter 3:  Thank Goodness
Chapter 4:  A mango is a mango...
Chapter 5:  You be the judge
Chapter 6:  Parthe-what?
Chapter 7:  Safely saved
Chapter 8:  Looking for meaning in life
Chapter 9:  Thinking over reincarnation
Chapter 10:  A bone of contention
Chapter 11:  Face to face with a New Ager
Chapter 12:  Risen power
Chapter 13:  Seeing stars
Chapter 14:  "Did you receive the Holy Spirit?"
Chapter 15:  The Tao of physics
Chapter 16:  The Last Temptation of Christ
Chapter 17:  Water, water everywhere